I work with newborn babies, from five days old and throughout their first year as they settle into life.

Craniosacral Therapy is known for its beneficial treatment of babies and children. It is very gentle and even suitable for new born babies; it helps them overcome problems caused by birth trauma which may result from medical intervention or even from a natural birth. The therapy helps to ease conditions such as crying and colic as well as problems connected with feeding and sleeping.

Mothers and babies are treated together, often with your baby cuddled on your lap. Such treatments settle both mother and baby, either soon after the birth or several or many months later. Treatments are gentle and follow the natural clinical priorities set by your baby, allowing existing shock or compressive forces to dissipate in a safe, held manner.

CST can also help young children feel calmer, for example it can help settle them so that they sleep better, are less irritable and can reduce the tendency for angry temper tantrums.

Babies and young children require a minimum of three treatments, ideally a week apart.

  • Please see the Testimonial Page for a description of how a treatment may benefit you and your baby.

Enquiries and Appointments

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