October 2017

Working with Tinnitus


Craniosacral Therapy can help recovery from tinnitus. The treatment helps settle the nervous system. Once that happens, first the ringing in the ears can become less intrusive and then you can start to be able to focus on other things. Then after a while you can start to forget about the noise and find that the sound itself starts backing off.

Tinnitus can be caused by a variety of means including  loud noise exposure, stress or anaesthesia. Craniosacral Therapy helps for two reasons: firstly it brings people out of fight -or-flight mode and secondly, it helps people to connect with stillness. This combination of approaches helps symptoms become more manageable.

For the vast majority of people, tinnitus is the fight and flight response manifesting through the auditory system. The adrenal response from fear or overwhelm is causing the ears  to listen out acutely for danger, so that the person not only hears the noise from the external world, but also hears the sound of their own auditory pathways within the  central nervous system. A craniosacral therapist can help the nervous system calm down, by offering respectful and gentle, cranial contacts.

The second way the therapy can help tinnitus is by specifically helping the auditory system drop into stillness.

Julian Cowan Hill, is a craniosacral therapist who healed his own 20-year old symptoms. He explains that his approach is most successful when clients have treatments once a week for a few months, take up a body -based practice like yoga or tai chi and learn focussing techniques to help themselves learn how to become grounded. He continues to say that some people go on to make a full recovery, meaning no noise in a silent room, for long stretches of time, which usually takes a year or more of regular work.

How can Craniosacral Therapy help tinnitus?
How long and how frequent should the sessions be?

Although I usually see clients once a month, I often see clients weekly or fortnightly in the initial stages of treatment. I ask clients to have three sessions and then judge for themselves  whether the treatments are helping. 

Louise Toone

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