"I started having craniosacral therapy sessions with Louise at a time when I was suffering poor health. I have an asthma condition which had deteriorated, landing me in hospital on two occasions in a short space of time. It was always a cold that started a serious asthma exacerbation which quickly became life-threatening and I started to live in fear of getting any further colds. We focused on my asthma condition and after about six sessions, I began to notice an improvement. The fear began to dissipate – I felt more in control. Now, some months later, after further sessions, I am in a much better place. Words cannot describe how I feel. It is a ‘knowing’ that I am stronger within – I breathe more easily – I can cope with colds and with medical approval, I have recently been able to reduce some of my prescribed medication. Tests at the hospital have also shown an improvement in my condition. I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone with a respiratory condition"

Mrs C.H.

Asthma / Respiratory Condition

"I had an accident in 1978 that left me with a permanent, painful torsion in my body. I have tried various therapies since then and many were able to ease my pain, however my condition remained. Recently however, I had a few sessions of craniosacral therapy with Louise and decided to take up her offer of 10 weekly sessions. That did the trick; half way through the sessions my torsion was gone and now, with the aid of massage and exercise I'm starting to loosen up and stretch without pain. Contact Louise and try it out for yourself"

Mr Peter C.

Body torsion following an accident

"I have real faith in Louise's work and in her ability to discover and work through the body's 'map' of internal wounds and traumas. Also her therapy is such a relaxing and peaceful experience"

Ms P.H. (Senior accredited BACP Counsellor)


"I booked my first treatment of Cranialsacral Therapy before undergoing re-constructive surgery. It helped me cope, feel calm and gave me the strength and practical suggestions to feel confident about the procedure. I also put several things in place to help me with the outcome. Following surgery I continued my visits and found that I recovered more quickly than was suggested, I know my Consultant was surprised, and I felt well and energetic. I am much more ‘in tune’ with my body now and as such can help myself keep well. I continue treatments as a maintenance programme as I have found it so beneficial."

Mrs J.M.

Recovery after surgery

"We worked on several symptoms over a period of five weeks, from a tight chest, repeated headaches and emotional stressors and each time I learned more about how to listen to what was going on in my body, and how to focus on allowing the space to breathe and focus on well-being. Most of all, I found out how to stop...and take a breath... in a way which had escaped me before I tried Craniosacral Therapy. By session 5, my legs had the most incredible sensation of relaxed 'heaviness' during the session, and that feeling of business and urgency, had faded away. Craniosacral therapy is now part of the way I do diabetes"

Ms A.P.

Diabetes Type 1

"At age 73, I have suffered with neck and shoulder pain and lower back pain (slipped disc aged 17) for many years. This has been compounded in later life by a fall, and resultant broken shoulder, left hand ulnar nerve problems and arthritis in my neck, hands, shoulders and feet. I am a musician so manual dexterity is critical for me. Just before meeting Louise I was at a low ebb, after being told by the Consultant at the Pain Clinic where I had been referred by my GP, that despite having had a series of painful injections every six months for four years, and soon to be manipulated under anaesthetic, it was a waste of time, as my neck joints were almost immoveable.

After exchanging emails, I began a series of treatments which encouraged me enough to continue. During the fifth treatment, I experienced a release in my neck and left shoulder, which resulted in the pain reducing very significantly, and this has continued. I am still having treatments to help further with my feet, hands and ulnar nerve problems, but I sleep much better and wake up each morning feeling genuinely amazed that the neck pain I have had for much of my life has gone. If I sit at the computer, typing or reading for too long, I do get neck aches and sometimes headaches, but these are much more easily addressed now and the neck injections and manipulations are things of the past. I do not realistically expect to achieve total freedom from pain, but CST and Louise have made life much more agreeable for me, and I can continue playing which is very important to me."

Mr P. Clifton

Pain Relief

"Both of my children have benefited from therapy sessions with Louise as babies, with their first sessions occurring at 10 days old. I had a forceps delivery with my daughter and I was concerned that her head, neck and shoulders might have been stiff and sore as a consequence. My daughter had a greater range of movement following her 3 sessions with Louise and was certainly more settled afterwards.

I had an elective caesarean with my son and I noticed that he appeared to have less movement with turning his head to one side. Louise's therapy was extremely gentle and helped loosen his neck and shoulders to ensure greater comfort and ease of movement. This undoubtedly aided breastfeeding as well, as his jaw opened more comfortably from then on.

I have also had therapies with Louise and found them extremely beneficial in reducing the trauma my body had experienced during both times I gave birth. I found the sessions incredibly relaxing and a way of reconnecting with my body. Louise made me feel at ease very quickly and to embrace the sessions which felt like they "reset" the internal workings of my body for the better. I can't recommend her therapy sessions enough!"

Mrs A. Baker

Mother and Baby